Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bento (29) - Bento Outside the Box

Okay - so it's not the best Halloween-themed bento ever (hopefully next year I'll be more on top of things) . . . but as I was fixing my lunch today, the bento urge took over, and so I ended up laying out my plate of food in bento fashion (plus, I had to use up all my leftovers for the week).

The sandwiches were artifical crab with a tablespoon of mayo and provolone cheese bits (and just wait until you see my new sammy idea - coming up this week >.< !! Of course, if it doesn't turn out, I'll deny every having made this comment.) The soy bunnies are on a bed of edamame (as usual), and the brown things are mushrooms sauteed in butter and wine. The middle portion is blueberry/strawberry salad with provolone cheese flower.

I may have to try an artful arrangment of fruit and soy bunnies for the Holiday potluck this year . . . hmmmmm. It's either that or partridge cupcakes. We shall see!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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