Monday, March 14, 2011

Bento (132) - SHEEP!!!! (and Bunnies)

The quail eggs made me do it. I volunteered to bring a veggie side dish to a potluck . . . but the quail eggs were on the bottom shelf of the fridge . . . softly calling. "We want to be sheep!" . . . then one said "I want to be a bunny!!" and before I knew it . . . I had sheep and bunnies instead of broccoli salad (like I had planned).

Bento (131) - Artistic Mochi!

And now for something different . . . . . I had some leftover mochi (of a nommy hazelnut variety), so I cut two in half and ended up with the bizarre tear drop shaped items in the green cupcake holder. To the left is frozen carrots and peas, to the right is kiwi. Bottom level is P.F. Chang's mongolian beef and broccoli (I added the monkey!) and rice with cheese stars. Om nom nom!

Bento (130) - Fun with Lettuce

The long dark silence between posts . . . :P

And now . . presenting food!

This was a simple teriyaki chicken bits and rice (additional teriyaki sauce in the sauce holder), blueberry and commercial jelly salad, and green bean casserole topped with crunchy Funions (crunchy onion flavored bits). Mmmmmmmmmmmm.