Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bento (136) - Return of the Apple Bunny

It's been forever since I made an apple bunny - and it seemed the perfect way to spruce up my leftover egg foo yong. Pink stuff in the middle is blueberry yogurt sprinkled with craisins (cranberry raisins). Right hand side of the top level is Sams Club pinwheels . . . you can only see the tortilla wrapping and not the pretty stuffing. :P :P :P

Bento (135) - Egg Foo Yong and Checkered Apple

Today's bento is egg foo yong (eggs, onions, artificial crab meat, soy, sugar - and probably something I'm forgetting) over rice . . . . mmmmmmmmm . . . with kale decorations and a fishie container filled with soy sauce. Top level is a checkered apple and a side of edamame topped with a radish flower.

Bento (134) - Gyoza Bunny!

For today's bento, I found half a bag of frozen gyoza (wow - who knew?) in the door to my freezer. I've finally replenished my stock of shelled edamame, and used one of the last two pickled plums to spruce up the rice. Add a grape and kiwi side-salad, and voila! Bento happiness.

Bento (133) - Animal Safari

After I invested in new pretty tupperware (yes - I actually appreciate that they added attractive little swirl patterns to the plastic) - I decided I better get off my heiney and continue my bentos before I lose all my lovely followers :P So to kick off the bento spree . . . we have an animal safari!! Otherwise known as panko encrusted chicken bites, rice, and stir fry veggies. Hooray!