Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bent (154) - Egg Foo Yong and Panda

My long awaited supplies have arrived from J-Box ::squeeeeeeeeee:: and should be making appearances shortly. Today, I packed my new black neko (cat) box (the kitty face is actually a freezable cold pack . . . how adorable is that?!) with egg foo yong (a mixture of egg, soy, sugar, onions, fishcake, peas, and carrots) over rice - and I packed the top with potato salad (left), fruit salad (right), a broccoli divider (if you can't identify the broccoli, I can't help you) with two grapes and an umeboshi (pickled plum) up front.

And a kawaii (cute) panda. Don't forget the panda!!! :P :P :P I also topped the two salads with cheese stars from one of my new cheese punches. Hooray!

Join me in the madness as I contemplate the cuteness! MU HA HA.

Did I mention I can make fried eggs that look like little bears now? ::squeeeeeeeeeee:: (with the yellow bear mold to the far right . . . yes, yes . . . that is for fried eggs . . . or pancakes ^.^).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bento (153) - Checkered Apple

I forgot to mention . . . while making apple flowers, I decided to give myself a little reminder about knife safety. Hahahahahaha . . ha . . . ha. . . . . The good news is: it could have been worse (much worse!). However, I feel obligated to throw out the following safety tip - ALWAYS work with a sharp knife, because if your knife is dull, you tend to apply pressure, and it is far more likely the knife will slip. Of course, I didn't cut myself doing the detail work on the apple flower . . . no . . . I cut myself cutting the apple in half. ::sigh:: It's no more than a papercut - I'm just highly annoyed at myself and grateful it wasn't worse. Thank you thank you thank you to whatever guardian spirit was watching out for my poor little fingertip.

Onwards and downwards! Today's bento was more leftover PF Chang's orange chicken, rice, umeboshi (pickled plum), the utterly nommy tomato/pickled garlic salad (a new favorite!!), and a checkered apple.

Bento (152) - Apple Flower

In trying to get inspired to bento again, I decided to play with apples this week. This lovely apple flower had to be collapsed down for storage, but I was able to spread the leaves before I ate it! Om nom nom!

For the observant - pictures with a white background are taken at work (my cubicle desk is white). Top level is grapes, apple flower, and carrot cutout with tomato/pickled garlic salad. I bought the pickled garlic at the Renaissance Festival - and it is amazingly delicious!! Bottom level is PF Chang's frozen orange chicken, rice and umeboshi (pickled plum).

Bento (151) - Fried Chicken and Penguin Dividers

On further reflection, there is something vaguely disturbing about a happy penguin peeking out from beneath the fried portion of a distant cousin . . . . :P Aside from that little oddity - bottom level is fried chicken over noodles. The kiwi container holds sweet soy broth for the noodles, and a few slices of real kiwi add decoration. I also sprinkled a few corn kernels for color. Top level is sliced avocado with vinegar/salt dipping sauce in the watermelon container and a silicone cupcake holder with kiwi/strawberry and yogurt.

Bento (150) - Ponyo Noodles

Also known as the world's yummiest way to make ramen. Plus - you can make two servings with very few ingredients (you even split the packet of ramen in half!!)

For ponyo noodles I start with ramen noodles (throw away the seasoning packet) and add all the nommy stuff - green onions, boiled egg, carrots (cut into cute star shapes!) any other veggies, some sort of protein (in this case - turkey), soup base, and siracha sauce (I can't remember how to spell it at the moment - and I'm too lazy to go look it up).

Om nom nom!