Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bento (151) - Fried Chicken and Penguin Dividers

On further reflection, there is something vaguely disturbing about a happy penguin peeking out from beneath the fried portion of a distant cousin . . . . :P Aside from that little oddity - bottom level is fried chicken over noodles. The kiwi container holds sweet soy broth for the noodles, and a few slices of real kiwi add decoration. I also sprinkled a few corn kernels for color. Top level is sliced avocado with vinegar/salt dipping sauce in the watermelon container and a silicone cupcake holder with kiwi/strawberry and yogurt.


  1. PENGUIN DIVIDER!!!!!!!!! Where did you get it? :D so cute!

  2. A friend brought me souvenirs from a shop somewhere in California. ^.^ 'Fraid that's not much help - but it's all the information I've got! :P