Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bento (90) - And Now for More Crab and Avacado . . .

Helllloooooo, Bento Blog! I promise I haven't forgotten you. With the first day of summer, Goose decided to fall and break his arm. :( Luckily it was only a hairline fracture. The cast is off and he is back to normal, but there were a few trips to the doctor that were quite necessary. There were a multitude of other time eaters . . . a trip to Las Vegas included . . . but now I'm back! I promise! (Though I keep sleeping through my alarm . . . which is not good for bento making).

Yesterday's lunch was crab and avacado, kept separate by artificial sushi grass. Top is rasberries with swiss cheese flowers. Don't ask me why the swiss cheese is reflective. I ate it anyway. >.<

Bottom is carrot stars with a silicone cupcake holder of balsamic vinegar. Not as color coordinated as ranch, but much better for me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bento (89) - Chicken Fingers from Black-Eyed Pea

Is it frightening that I built my bento out of 1/8 of my dinner? I love Black-Eyed Pea - but they give you five chicken fingers, two sides, rolls, cornbread, and dipping sauce. My bento is half the rice, once chicken finger (cut up), a few stir-fry veggies added from the freezer, and a mandarin orange/cherry flower. The kiwi sauce holder has leftover honey mustard dipping sauce. MmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmm.

I'm still horrified. The entire bottom level was filled with ONE chicken finger. ONE. And they normally give you FIVE! For the curious - green is peas, orange is carrots, red is bell pepper and white is water chestnut. Not my best bento :) Not my worst bento :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bento (88) - All American Leftovers

Attractive arrangement of turkey leftovers - FAIL! If I have one bento weakness, it seems to be arranging meat attractively. ::sigh:: On the bright side, I chose to heat my turkey (and pepper jack cheese squares) in the microwave . . . and fresh roasted turkey with hot pepper jack cheese is NOMMY! Upper right is corn and peas with pickled plums in the center. Lower right is sweet potatoes drenched in melted marshmallows and sugar. YUM!