Monday, December 20, 2010

Bento (118) - Mish Mash Bento

Applebees tequila lime chicken leftovers meet stir-fry vegetables and sweet potato/apple salad in a random bento madness. This bento proves the importance of food picks in adding cuteness to random configurations of food. Kawaii!

Bento (117) - Kamaboko Bunnies Meet the Apple Barricade

Top left is kamaboko bunnies with sesame seed eyes, green objects are apples, blue kitty is hanging out in sweet potato/apple salad, and the bottom is udon noodles with carrot and onion. A few broccoli pieces were tossed in for extra color and to keep the kamaboko bunnies from falling over sideways - since they weren't being very cooperative and were doing rude things with their ears. Sauce container has soup base for extra flavoring. MmmmmmmMMmm.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bento (116) - Flower Bento

I gave myself flowers for lunch. Om nom nom!! Top level is edamame, carrot slices, soy bunnies, and a kiwi/mandarin orange salad. Sadly, my cheese was sporting green fuzzies, so the ears are actually carved from fishcake - which wasn't quite as nommy as swiss cheese. ::sniffle::

Bottom level is udon noodles with sauteed onion and carrot, and a kamaboko flower with carrot center. The kiwi sauce holder has more udon soup base.

I also discovered that the prior fuzzy photos were due to *cough* Goose fingerprints on my camera lens. Nothing like downloading photos from your camera and discovering at least 12 pictures of your child squinting at the flash. LOL!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bento (115) - Teriyaki Chicken

Now that I know how to make teriyaki sauce, I eat it entirely too often. No regrets! None! The top level is my lovely panko-encrusted chicken accompanied by kiwi/blackberry salad. The bottom is stir-fry veggies, rice, and a pickled plum.

There is no sauce holder since I prefer more of a teriyaki soup and needed a large container :P

Bento (114) - Impulse Bento Box

I visited the Pacific Mercantile to replenish my soy sauce supply (try saying that three times fast!) - when I noticed a new shipment of bento boxes had arrived. Needless to say, I lost all willpower and found an absolutely kawaii (cute) bento box in my basket at checkout.

It's not the best photo . . . I blame the halogen lights at work. Plus, the box is a deep mahogany and highly reflective.

I immediately went back to the office and my co-workers got a unique chance to watch me talk to myself while scouring the fridge for any items I could add for color (unfortunatley, I didn't find any :( not even ketchup :( ). The colors may be a little bland, but it's not bad for a non-planned five-minute prep bento!

Top level is blackberry and kiwi salad, and the bottom level is noodles and beef with sweet soy broth. I threw a blackberry with kiwi "Leaves" on the noodles for a little added color. Really, I would have liked some red or yellow (maybe a scattering of corn?) - but it seemed a little too much trouble to photoshop it in :P