Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bento (140) - Kung Pao Bento

And for my final post in this batch of bentos - I tried the P.F. Chang frozen Kung Pao Chicken bag . . . which also turned out to be delicious. If I had more time, I would have liked to stuff a few more veggies around the baked chicken to add a little color - but this was one of those "oh-my-gosh-I'm-late-and-I-need-to-pack-a-lunch" five-minute bentos. Everything is fairly identifiable - yogurt, craisins, rice, pickled plum, and green giraffe food pick to add a little fun! The yellow sauce container has the kung pao sauce, which was poured over the chicken before eating.

Bento (139) - Restaurant Sandwich Makeover

I ordered a turkey/cranberry sandwich from a local restaurant, and decided to try arranging the leftovers in my bento. I think it turned out quite well! The strawberry/kiwi salad came from my fridge, but the broccoli and other veggies were leftover steamed veggies from the restaurant, provided with the sandwich. Proof that you can bento almost anything - and enjoy the presentation just as much as when someone else first gave it to you!

Bento (138) - Orange Chicken - Take 2

Day 2 of orange chicken - accompanied by squash and zuchinni baked with a little salt/pepper/terragon and oil . . . I highly recommend these. Then I got creative with yogurt and craisins . . . . Bottom tier is the usual boring orange chicken/rice/pickled plum.

Bento (137) - Orange Chicken and Rainbow Mochi

Nothing adds to a batch of frozen P.F. Chang's orange chicken like rainbow mochi. Mmmmmm. Anyhoo - I experimented with a squash salad recipe (upper left), but added a touch too much mayo. It was still absolutely DELICIOUS - if a little whiter than I wanted :P :P :P Will have to try it again with less mayo and more squash (ingredients: cooked squash, salted cucumber slices, chopped boiled egg, and mayo). Bottom level is P.F. Changs orange chicken and rice - with a pickled plum (which I found out - acts as a preservative. COOL!). I tossed in a few whole strawberries and called it good!