Monday, February 7, 2011

Bento (129) - Spaghetti Bento

Today's bento was fairly "American" . . . blueberry/strawberry salad, peas and corn, and bottom level is spaghetti around a cupcake holder filled with spaghetti sauce and topped with a cheese flower and random corn/peas.

As a sidenote, I generally drop all my veggies in frozen, and they usually thaw by lunch. Today some of the corn was still covered in ice crystals . . . but it is amazing how much more vivid the colors are at lunch.

I've also become such a noodle snob. I found the spaghetti noodles tough and chewy - despite having cooked them three times longer than my soba or udon noodles. What do we do to our noodles to make them so different?!!! Vitamin supplements?

Bento (128) - Mongolian Beef

Pulling a frozen bag o' P.F. Chang's new line of t.v. dinners and heating it in a saucepan counts as bento, right?! :P :P :P

Top level is carrots/cucumbers cut into flower shapes with a red sauce container filled with ranch. Spinach leave separators and a blueberry/strawberry salad. Bottom is P.F. Chang's mongolian beef and rice, topped with cheese and pea/corn flowers. Red is a radish rose.

Om nom nom!