Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bento (114) - Impulse Bento Box

I visited the Pacific Mercantile to replenish my soy sauce supply (try saying that three times fast!) - when I noticed a new shipment of bento boxes had arrived. Needless to say, I lost all willpower and found an absolutely kawaii (cute) bento box in my basket at checkout.

It's not the best photo . . . I blame the halogen lights at work. Plus, the box is a deep mahogany and highly reflective.

I immediately went back to the office and my co-workers got a unique chance to watch me talk to myself while scouring the fridge for any items I could add for color (unfortunatley, I didn't find any :( not even ketchup :( ). The colors may be a little bland, but it's not bad for a non-planned five-minute prep bento!

Top level is blackberry and kiwi salad, and the bottom level is noodles and beef with sweet soy broth. I threw a blackberry with kiwi "Leaves" on the noodles for a little added color. Really, I would have liked some red or yellow (maybe a scattering of corn?) - but it seemed a little too much trouble to photoshop it in :P

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