Monday, December 13, 2010

Bento (116) - Flower Bento

I gave myself flowers for lunch. Om nom nom!! Top level is edamame, carrot slices, soy bunnies, and a kiwi/mandarin orange salad. Sadly, my cheese was sporting green fuzzies, so the ears are actually carved from fishcake - which wasn't quite as nommy as swiss cheese. ::sniffle::

Bottom level is udon noodles with sauteed onion and carrot, and a kamaboko flower with carrot center. The kiwi sauce holder has more udon soup base.

I also discovered that the prior fuzzy photos were due to *cough* Goose fingerprints on my camera lens. Nothing like downloading photos from your camera and discovering at least 12 pictures of your child squinting at the flash. LOL!

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