Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bento (17) - Five Minute Tangy Chicken

So I meant to hit "snooze" on my alarm this morning - and hit "off" instead. Which equals a school lunch for Goose and I thought I'd just throw some leftover tangy chicken from last night's dinner into a tupperware for me. And then I realized that I have reached bento master Level 2 when I actually whipped together a simple bento IN UNDER 5 MINUTES (proving it is possible - as long as everything is pre-cooked and available in the fridge). Ta daa!!!

In retrospect, I would put a little more greenery under the fruit salad (so it could be easily lifted out for microwave purposes later) - but overall, I was very pleased with this simple lunch. In fact - tomorrow's lunch will probably share a pretty close resemblace - so I may not post. This also proves that you don't need the fancy bento boxes to make attractive bento lunches - unless you've been bitten by the kawaii bug like me >.<

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