Friday, October 2, 2009

Incoming Kawaii Bento Tools from Japan - NORI PUNCHES

For those who think I've already gone around the bend . . . stop reading here. You are about to see why I titled my blog Obento OBSESSION. And for those who are wondering where in the heck I'm getting my supplies - I've ordered the bulk of them from I Love Obento and J-List, both of which ship items in from Japan (it's not the item prices, but the shipping that is KILLER). And as a sidenote for those who venture onto the J-List site . . . they have PG side and an adult side - and they're not kidding. Little old me just shopping for bento boxes got a few anatomical eyefuls . . . so be prepared. I hope one girl was photoshopped, because if not, she must suffer horrendous back pain.

Having said all that . . . my shipment is HERE. I have NORI PUNCHES! WOOT!!!! My rice can be officially happy to see me!

I also ordered a full set of alphabet cookie cutters (what better way to teach your child his "high frequency vocabulary words" than to spell out messages in ham and cucumber on his lunch?!), new sauce containers (for dipping), a penguin spice/sauce holder ('cause he was too cute to resist . . . his little beak is a mini-spoon ::squeal::), animal picks, and a wiener cutter (for HOTDOGS you goofballs!) It will allow me to turn hotdogs into cute little crabs (and isn't that a frightening image?). I repeat FEAR ME!!


  1. OMG but you are obsessed. Or should I say Possessed!!

  2. I've made no bones about the obsession part . . . really.