Friday, October 9, 2009

Bento (18) - Taco Sandwiches

And so the experiment began . . . with creating taco sandwiches (ingredients: bread, butter, cheese, and buffalo cooked in fajita mix - 'cause I apparently ran out of taxo mix). Unfortunately, I ran out of time while creating T.'s bento - so his piggies are actually just quail eggs wearing Yellow No. 5. The rest of his bento consisted of taco sandwiches (which need a "cuteness" intervention), rasberries with provolone star, grapes, and celery with peanut butter. "Why celery with peanut butter," you ask?

They are mud wallows for the piggies!!!!

I was about to leave my bento uncompleted as well . . . when I remembered I had a book club over lunch, and my bento skills would be on public display. ACK! There wasn't much I could do about the taco sandwiches . . . but I could finish my piggy and add a baby chick!

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