Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bento (22) - Finger-Lickin' Fire Rice

Every once in a while I get a good idea :P :P :P So I dug into the 13 lb. bag of peppers from Miller's Farm to help top T.'s bento today. Finger-lickin' fire rice! The bottom level is the ever-present imitation crab and avacado salad (these things happen when you shop at Sams Club) . . . a few carrots for color, and a blueberry/mandarin orange salad.

Goose got an imitation crab flower. And he ate ALL OF IT too! Score one for the mommy! Of course, it could also be mistaken for some bottom-dwelling sea critter - so I think I'll have to work on my flower capabilities.

Unfortunately, after I made the boys their bentos, my creativity ran dry. So I added a little corn for color, stuffed a few tomatos with cream cheese, topped my rice with edamame, and called it good enough for 7:15 a.m. bento work (I have to leave by 7:30 a.m. :P :P :P).

The good news is: I'm getting faster! And I'm getting the hang of it - so more and more of these bentos are my creations and don't come straight from a book. YAY!! >.<


  1. Looking good! I was looking over the J-list bento stuff, and they have some great boxes... even ones I can use in the SCA!

    Where do you get your edamame?

  2. I get my Edamame at the Pacific Mercantile downtown at Sakura Square. Rotten Mango - thanks! As a bento beginner, it's nice to get a word of encouragement. Doomo arigatou, ne!