Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bento (21) - Decorating Brown Rice

The true challenge is going to be keeping T.'s brown rice decorated . . . though the Nishiki rice definitely held it's shape better than Basmati! Thank you J!! I stuffed all the onigiri with cream cheese and cucumber, so that probably helped hold the rice together. The red stuff is a failed jello experiment (buy hey- it still looks good paired with mandari oranges!!) White circular things are cucumbers, orange is carrots, and crab meat/avacado salad has returned for a second day.

It's a good thing my rice was happy - 'cause I had a rotten day - and it really helped brighten my lunch hour!

After I made Goose's bento I suddenly realized I forgot protein. OOPS! So I asked Goose to take a bite of artificial crab - which he loved! So I tore some artificial crab into pieces and stuffed it in between the grapes.

And just to add fuel to the fire of your imagination as you wonder what my kitchen-life is like in the morning . . . we shall NOT discuss the Frosted Flakes explosion. Good grief!

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