Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bento (25) - Return of the Sushi Rice and Shy Bunnies

This stuff is super nummy, but I have to work on my layering skills . . . . Goose ate most of his toppers this time (carrots, cucumber, cheese, and ham) - but didn't touch a bite of rice! Bunnies were gone, green beans stayed (really, are you surprised?) and blueberries and heart-shaped jelly both disappeared.

T.'s bento was almost identical . . . but no jelly for him! Hah!

I spent a little extra time on my bento since I was going to show it off at a book club lunch. In a shocking twist of events, no one came (:P :P :P) - so my lunch and I spent some quality time together. And I discovered soy bunnies are nummy - with or without company!

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