Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bento (28) - Blurry Bento

Due to mass popularity in the overall flavor department - the imitation crab and avacado has returned. I should admit that I stole that idea from Pikko at Adventures in Bento Making. Actually - her site is a major part of what inspired me to try my hand and making bentos.

I think a lot of my time issues in the morning have to do with making THREE bentos. T. had to go to work early and Goose had no school due to inclement weather (by which I mean power outage, tree-limb snapping, wreck inducing snow) . . . so I only made one bento - for me. And it took about 15-20 minutes instead of an hour. Imagine that! LOL.

In my top level, I had the crab avacado/salad and edamame with carrot stars. In the bottom, I had stawberry/kiwi salad (which I ended up topping with some errant blueberries), a commercial heart-jelly (think Jello-O with strange floating white squares), and a boiled egg cut into thirds (of which only two went in the box). I also discovered sprinkling sesame seed in an attractive pattern is harder than it looks! I'm chalking it up to the same expertise needed to make attractive ketchup flowers - a skill which I have mastered to Level 3 - but cannot advance to Level 5 until I master my fear of the mostly-empty ketchup bottle and it's potential for raining red destruction on the rest of my carefully arranged bento.

My only complaint about this bento was the lack of carbs. I was thinking about cutting down on rice/noodle consumptions, but by 3:00 I was getting the urge to go find munchies around the office. Must remember carbs = energy in the future.