Monday, October 5, 2009

Bento (16) - Happy Rice!

And the lessons for this week - boys and girls - are:
1) Rice cookers are WONDERFUL.
2) Brown rice does not stick to itself. Not without all sorts of saran wrap and tape, at any rate.
3) Tape has joined the hole punch in being reclassified as a cooking tool

How could I not smile when I saw the following in my bento box today?

The rice balls are sitting on top of a fresh yellow pear tomato and leftover roasted zuchinni and squash from last night's dinner. The yellow stuff is corn egg drops - with an edamame and ketchup flower. Goose didn't seem overly impressed (and ignored the ranch in his new dipping cup - which was meant to make the brocolli more palatable. . . grrr). But apparently cooked carrots can go on the list of veggies he will eat. The fruit is mandarin oranges and grapes. And "oh!" - I stuffed the rice balls with a hamburger/onion/ketchup concoction. I'm still trying to get used to the idea that you only need microscopic amounts of food for bentos.

T. apparently caught heck from his co-workers for the smiley rice balls. I defy you brown rice! With the assistance of tape - though shalt make a smiley ball shape!! (If you notice the ketchup . . . it's HARD to squirt ketchup with precision.) T. mentioned he's not so sure about corn and eggs - so the bulk of his veggies are edamame.

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