Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bento (27) - Sloppy Joe Onigiri Balls

I tried to get a little fancy with Sloppy Joe stuffed onigiri balls. The yellow flowers are egg and the green leaves are diagonal-cut greenbeans. I didn't have any pretty pink fishie flakes - so I thought I'd let the sloppy joe filling seep through and see if that complemented the colors. And now you know why the smaller onigiri ball is hiding in back . . . not all my ideas are good ideas. Heh.

Let's see - the fancy balls are surrounded by carrots. To the right is strawberry kiwi salad with a provolone star and corn with an edamame/ketchup flower. For my bento (and for T.'s) I was playing with making quail egg tulips. YAY protein!!


  1. Very colorful. I don't seem to get all my colors in :)

  2. It looks like my comment disappeared - so sorry if you see this twice! I generally try to think about colors when I do my grocery shopping. If I pick up blueberries, I'll choose green grapes instead of purple or red - that type of thing. And mandarin oranges and corn are both great when you need a splash of color!