Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bento (24) - Apple Flower

This was a beautiful bento. I wedged an apple, layered green beans, used mandarin oranges and blueberries for color contrast, and added two little carrot stars to hide the "seam" where the green beans and mandarin oranges meet . . . too bad I built it IN THE LID!!! LOL!!! After I took my picture, I had to tear the whole thing apart and re-create a miniature version in the actual food compartment. Maybe I need to think about having a cup of coffee before I bento! And yet I still got Goose to school on time - impressive, right?

The second compartment is filled with multi-colored cheese-filled tortellini, a small forest of green beans, and a silicon cupcake holder with spaghetti sauce for dipping (and cheese flower for accent). Since a lot of this bento consisted of fruit, I took a hard-boiled egg to make sure I had enough protein for the day.

Goose had pasta (with a carrot topper in his sauce), mandarin orange/blueberry salad, and a fishie egg resting on a bed of green beans. Poor little green beans. They looked awful sad when his bento box returned and they were the only thing left in it!

T. didn't eat his crab bento from yesterday, so I sent him off to work with his aquarium bento. About noon, my phone rang, and T. said "Um . . . yeah. Okay. That bento was really cute." Score another point for me! YAY!


  1. Gorgeous colours! I still haven't mastered apple wedges like yours yet!!!

  2. Love the apple, and fishie (hard boiled egg thing):)