Monday, November 2, 2009

Bento (30) - Inside Out Sandwiches

Okay - these sounded a lot cuter than they turned out, but I think with a little weekend practice, I can still turn these into one of my best ideas. Here was my first shot at "inside out" sandwiches (i.e., the bread is in the middle). I took the bread, spread mayo and mustard on as usual, and then placed a piece of provolone cheese over the mayo/mustard before wrapping the whole of it in a slice of ham which had a shape cut out with a cookie cutter. I think the trick to these might be to adjust the ham slice to the exact size of the bread and then hold the whole thing together with a nori strip or some such . . . as I said - a work in progress! Of course, if the ham doesn't surround the bread, I suppose it's an "open face" sandwich rather than an "inside out" sandwich. Details! Details!

The sammiches were accompanied by mandarin orange/blueberry salad and ever-nummy cucumber/potato salad (which Goose didn't touch, of course!). T.'s bento has some bacon wrapped scallops for additional protein.

I finished up the boys' bentos and went to make mine . . . only the second container of ham had a distinct "past the freshness" smell to it! AAAARRGGGGHHHHH. So while I took Goose to school I frantically brainstormed a quick carb filler for me. Instead of sammiches I filled my bottom level with brown rice, mushrooms (sauteed in butter and wine), and a pink bunny sauce holder filled with soy sauce. The orange are the leftover outlines from when I stamp carrot stars - not the most attractive - but I was working to bento in under 5 minutes with scraps! I added two extra scallops to my bento as a consolation prize, and called it good.


  1. Smorrebrod! You made smorrebrod! ;-)

    So, do you make your carrot flowers and things in a batch, and then keep them in a baggie in the fridge?

  2. If a batch is 20 or less . . . yes. I'm still trying to figure out what can be made in advance and what is better fresh. Plus batches require extra planning. Blergh.