Monday, November 16, 2009

Bento (36) - Soumen Swirl Bird Nests

I love Japanese noodles!!! These were awesomely easy to cook - and taste WONDERFUL. (Of course, I haven't sampled the finished product - I was just "testing" the noodles to make sure they were done before I attempted the "swirl." The actual recipe for this showed the noodles being topped by omelet cut-outs and cucumber. However, I had an excess of quail eggs - which got me thinking about chickies - which made the soumen into bird nests - and the next thing I knew - TA DAA!!! Soumen Swirl Bird Nests!

I filled the noodles with pre-cooked spaghetti sauce (mmmmMMMMMMmmmm) and topped with a few peas to add color. The upper right corner are dinosaur chicken nuggets (commercial) and the bottom right is kiwi. I ended up tossing in a piggy sauce-holder with ketchup right before sweeping out the door to Goose's school.

T.'s bento is a little to "free form" for my taste - but I only planned the first level - and then filled the second level with leftover potato/hamburger/corn casserole! The white slices to the right are banana - and then I threw in the carrots for color (and with some idea that they might add a little organization to the chaos.

I repeat - not all my ideas are good ones. LOL!

I LOVE how the bird nests turned out and plan on making my own bird nest bento tomorrow. MmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmm.


  1. I think these look great! I especially like how you cut out parts of the eggs to make it look like a chick was breaking out of the egg!

  2. Most of my tricks come from "Kawaii Bento Boxes." It's basically an english translation of a Japanese bento book - but I love it! It's available on Amazon.