Friday, November 6, 2009

Bento (32) - Rolling with Sams Club

I would love to take credit for the beautiful sandwich wraps, but thought I best fess up right away that these are pre-cooked store-bought Sams club rolls. And they were as delicious as they looked - I highly recommend them! The chicken and peppers are also from Sams - though I chopped the strawberries and grapes myself - so that counts, right? The white fluff with a carrot top is my usual favorite potato salad (with cucumber, peas, and corn). Nummy!

Since I couldn't figure out how to best display the rolls in the boys' bentos, I finally turned to my handy food picks to add a little cuteness and color. I ended up pulling the blue kitties out of Goose's lunch after the photo and putting them in mine (Goose is only 5 after all! - and the kitties are the super-small picks. I don't think he would choke on them - but better safe than sorry!)

Then, in true bento madness style, I remembered one of my co-workers had mentioned that she would love if someone made her a bento sometime . . . and as I had a surplus of Sams materials on hand, I decided TODAY was THE DAY! Let's hear it for a FOUR bento morning!!!

And believe it or not - when she finished, she actually leaned back and said "I'm stuffed! How do you get all that food in that little box?"