Monday, November 9, 2009

Bento (33) - Texas Roadhouse Take 2

Today was a sad sad day for bento. I don't have a picture of T.'s bento (which is probably good, since I basically mashed his Texas roadhouse leftovers into the box, filled the empty space by mashing in a dinner roll, and called it good :P :P :P).

And Goose's lunch looked wonderful . . . only he didn't eat it ::sniffle::. He told me he "forgot" his lunch and his teachers wouldn't let him go back to the classroom, so he was FORCED to eat a school lunch (does this story sound suspicious to anyone else??) So Goose's bento went into the trash (while he threw a hysterical fit). ::sigh:: Goose had a mini-hamburger (cut in half), peas, corn, and grapes.

I saved 1/3 of my prime rib from the Texas Roadhouse (it looked like such a tiny amount that I almost didn't save it . . . but when I got around to eating lunch today, I couldn't believe how much prime rib I actually had - it just goes to show that plate sizes can REALLY make a difference when measuring your food). Apparently I'm going through a neatness phase where I like my food in orderly rows . . . although the corn fiesta look I had going in the second layer made me smile. The green in the top is avacado - all the red stuff is strawberry, and the panda, as usual, is holding dumpling sauce (which I prefer over soy).

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  1. That's totaly down the path of serial child eating of the hot lunch bills.

    Giving the lunch lady a threat with a picture of your child helps.