Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bento (35) - Sandwich Solutions

Alrighty . . . it's 10:30 at night, and my typing skills are going down-hill fast . . . so here was today's lunch.

T. had egg-salad sandwiches with grape fillers, kiwi/strawberry salad - and the ever unappetizing looking green bean casserole. Most of the crispy french onions have disintegrated into the cream of chicken soup at this point - making a nasty looking but extra-tasty goop!

Goose had PB&J sandwiches with carrot fillers, strawberry/grape salad, and a fishie egg.

I had chicken with mango salsa (I found the manga salsa at Sams) and green bean salad, followed by egg-salad sandwiches, strawberry/grape salad, and a single sad little carrot. I like how "slanting" the sandwiches turned out.

I have a few great ideas I want to try - but I haven't been able to haul myself out of bed in time to try them. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Jaa mata! (See you later.)


  1. I love the box with all the compartments. Is it easier to arrange stuff? I've not found a box like that yet. Looks yummy :)

  2. In some ways it is easier - but it also limits your arrangement choices (though you can lift the inserts out and have a "free form" box. I bought both of my green boxes off of Amazon. I LOVE the removable compartments (especially if you want to microwave a portion of your lunch). If you type "Bento Leaf" in the Amazon search window, it should come up. I have the 650 ml as T.'s box and the 500 ml for Goose.

  3. I like the fishie egg! I didn't realize it had that much detail (I guess earlier photos didn't do it justice)! I've got to get me one!