Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bento (37) - Free Form Kitty Bento!

I decided to pull out all of Goose's compartments and attempt a free-form bento - and I was inordinately pleased with how it came out! Kitty bento!!!

The kitty ears and nose are ham, the eyes are provolone cheese and nori hole-punches, and the mouth is two nori smiles from my happy-face punch. The yellow and orange above the kitty's head is sweet potato/apple salad, the yellow heart is a commercial jelly, the green is edamame, the red are tomatos, and the bunnies to the right are soy bunnies with provolone ears and sesame seed eyes. I included a fish sauce holder filled with dumpling sauce for the rice.

And for me . . . I made my own bird nest bento! Yay soumen swirls!

The upper left is leftover fried pineapple rice from Tuk Tuk. The rest of the ingredients should be fairly recognizable. I received a lot of compliments on the chickies! Who can resist baby chickies?!

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