Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bento (14) - Attack of the Bunnies

Apparently this week had a bunny theme - so I finally caved into temptation and made quail egg bunnies today. I didn't have time to attach their eyes ::sniffle:: - but was really pleased with how these bentos turned out.

The white stuff is milk jelly (ingredients: milk, sugar, and agar agar powder - which corresponds to gelatin). The small orange thing in the middle with an edamame flower on top is a sweet potato muffin. Very very VERY yummy . . . MmmmmmMMMMMmmmmm. The bunnies are sitting on top of a cucumber salad, and the lone bunny is presiding over cheese tortellini and spaghetti sauce with a monterey jack cheese flower. Any unidentified greenery is either kale or green beans.

The new bunny box worked out fabulously - although I was used to having a little "head room" with the green leaf boxes. This box seals tight and I had to smush the bunnies. T. assured me they survived their mooshing just fine. In fact . . . around four co-workers saw him with his awesome pink and purple bunny box. ^-^

Goose spilled his milk jelly (no more milk jelly bentos for him) - so I'm not sure if his bento resembled anything like the picture by the time lunch rolled around. After school, he admitted the jelly spilled because he put his lunchbox upside down. Good thing I love the little critter! I guess he was exploring what everything tasted like coated with milk jelly. Nothing but the kale and spaghetti sauce was left . . . go figure.

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