Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bento (7) Kung Pao Piggies!!

Mostly I just like saying Kung Pao Piggies. Today's bento were mostly leftovers and came together quickly . . . until I experienced piggy construction delays. Suffice it to say - the lesson of the day was - place piggy eggs in bento box FIRST - then attach eyes, snouts, etc. Otherwise, when you pick them up - you experience piggy implosion. The following bento is rice with furikake sprinkles (which I discovered T. despises :P :P :P), leftover kung pao chicken with a colby/jack cheese star, blueberry and strawberry fruit salad and a piggie made from a boiled quail egg, yellow food coloring, carrot ears, and a carrot snout.

Goose had an eggie chick, too!! As Goose is not a fan of kung pao - he had a spaghetti bento with velveeta cheese stars.

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