Monday, September 14, 2009

Bento (6) - Froggie Bento

And to start the week off - I tried froggie onigiri bento! These turned out almost too cute to eat! I made the rice green by chopping up broccoli florets and mixing them with the rice - and much to my surprise - Goose ate a good portion of his frog! Yeah, me! Yeah for tricking my child into eating a form of vegetable! I used Kale for the green leafy seperator. The dish to the right of the top frog is bacon wrapped green beans (with kawaii plastic food picks!) smushed next to Buttered Corn Eggdrops topped with a red star cut from a bell pepper. Bottom is strawberry/blueberry salad with provolone flower. The froggy eyes are more provolone with nori pupils (and a hole punch has officially become a cooking utensil!)

Goose froggy:
And last (but not least) MY FROGGY!

And since I promised a size comparison shot - I included a can of Sprite to give an idea of relative bento-box size. Small - but they fit a surprising amount of food! I had already begun eating my bento when I remembered to take the picture . . . so my apologies for the partially mauled froggy. (Froggy onigiri were injured in the making of this bento blog.)

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