Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kawaii (Cute) Bento Supplies

The bento supplies trickled in all of last week, and after much jumping up and down and frantically tearing open packages, everything is finally clean and stored in a special box for ease of locating cookie cutters and keeping food picks from joining the dust bunnies under the fridge.

I am currently making bento for myself, my son (who just started Kindergarten and is the major inspiration for this whole project) and - oddly - my ex-husband, who is still living with me at the moment - but this blog is devoted to bento and not personal drama - so suffice it to say "I have my reasons" - one of which is - he helped pay for the bento supplies. However, he oddly refused to let me send him to work with the white harp seal bento. :P :P :P

I am now the proud owner of three bento boxes (and I'm sure that number will grow!), onigiri molds, cookie cutters, vegetable cutters, egg molds, silicon cupcake holders, food picks, sushi grass, and unbearably cute sauce bottles.

Let the bento begin!

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