Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bento (8) Rise and Shine Sushi Rice

I wasn't going to make bento today, but Goose caught me looking through Kawaii Bento Boxes and actually pointed to sushi rice and said "Mommy, can you make that tomorrow?" AWWWWWW. So here is my totally unplanned thrown together bento boxes. As a sidenote, I was only making 2 boxes since T. had a medical appointment and had to fast - but there was so much leftover rice and flower veggies that I went ahead and made a third bento (it's good practice, right?) and gave it away to a lucky co-worker. Ooooooo. Of course - I think it's a Japanese way of saying "I like you" if you offer to make a member of the opposite sex bento boxes, so I better be careful who I give my lunches too!

The sushi rice is rice that I added vinegar to and topped with flower cutouts of cucumber, carrots, ham, and provolone cheese. The rolls are taquitos (I told you I ran out of time) - and the fruit salad is (as usual) blueberry strawberry (this is what happens when you buy fruit from Sams club. I also found some leftover apple sweet potato salad from earlier this week to throw in my bento. YAY me! Of course - the child that hates lunch meat picked off the cheese and carrots, but ate all the ham flowers . . . go figure. I guess ham flowers are hard to resist!

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