Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bento (4) - Sandwich Rolls Revisited

I threw this bento together for Friday - and as I had Panda Express leftovers, I figured I would be fine without my bento. Much to my surprise, I actually missed my bento box. As much as I love Panda . . . something was missing, and I ended up snacking on popcorn all through the afternoon. Three days, and I'm HOOKED. In the morning rush, T. ran off with Goose's box . . . so Goose had room for sandwich rolls AND chicken nuggets. And T. went a little hungry :P :P :P.

Not my prettiest bento - but I did like how the strawberry/kiwi salad with provolone cheese cutouts turned out.


  1. I have about a 30 second attention span when it comes to preparing food. But your blog... it... it makes me want to try this.


    I'm really excited to continue following your Bento adventures. Keep up the adorable work! :)

    - Wendy

  2. Since you share my propensity for loving small cute objects - this could be a dangerous addiction! Heh. This week I'm going to experiment with pre-prep rather than trying to cook everything fresh at 5:00 a.m. But even the cooking is fun. It's like cooking on crack. For the scallops day, I had both ovens going, two stovetop burners, AND I was cutting vegetables and making the flowers on my cutting board. It keeps you moving!

  3. I even used my box for lunch today. But I don't care for the pretty (I have incentive with the ban on rice for me sigh). It is not picture worthy.

    We have A.'s bag. It was left under the table on Saturday. I will try to remember it Wednesday.

    Oh! I'm out of free website credits. I'll get more starting in March. If you want to move to a website then you'll be able to move all your posts too. If you like I'll hold it for you.