Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bento (12) - Experimentation with Egg Molds and Onigiri

And thus, I tried to make the traditional triangular onigiri. And thus, I learned it is a LOT harder than it looks. The best part of this whole bento turned out to be the ham and cheese stuffed tomatoes . . . . although I liked how Goose's fishie egg turned out (add boiled egg to egg mold - pull out fishie). Green stuff is edamame. Heart shaped jello is commercially bought - though I was very excited to find a jar of these little fruit jellies for roughly $5.00. YAY!

T.'s bento was just . . . . yeah. His doctor has asked that he switch to brown rice - which I discovered does not hold onigiri shapes (or at least, I haven't figured out how to cook it dry enough so that it holds onigiri shapes.) Either way - his triangular onigiri completely disintegrated and became a field of brown. I threw a squash on it for color - but the squash was in its raw unrefined form - so I swapped it out for a pepper from T.'s 15 lb. bag (let's hear it for fresh picked farm veggies!) before T. ran out the door. I meant to add a car-shaped boiled egg for protein - but forgot - so T. had a vegetarian bento. Tee hee!

Not the bento comeback I was hoping for . . . but I guess there's always tomorrow!

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