Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bento (13) - Bunny in a Field

I don't know what I was thinking with this bento. I had edamame . . the next thing I knew, I was making flowers . . . and then I realized I had a pink bunny sauce holder. The main dish was Costco chicken and avocado complimented by potato salad and kiwi strawberry skewers. In retrospect, I'd probably get rid of the strawberry/kiwi closest to the chicken and go with a few cheese stars as an accent . . . but eh . . . hindsight is 20/20.

I split the car-shaped boiled egg between T.'s bento and mine. Maybe my bunny is escaping a crazy driver :P :P :P At least my co-workers seemed to get a giggle out of "Bunny in a Field."

On the bright side, I went to Pacific Mercantile and discovered that they are now carrying quail eggs (SCORE!) and bento boxes (DOUBLE SCORE!!) I just had to purchase one for many reasons . . . the most practical being that this bento box has a sealable lid so I can do soup or other liquidy type meals - and I wanted Pacific Mercantile to know folks are interested in the boxes - so keep ordering! Non-practical reasons . . . I thought the purple bunnies were too cute!! >.<

I thought I would have to justify the box - and then T. forgot his at work . . . proving that having an extra bento box on hand is . . . well . . . handy! So I'll be trying out the storage capacity tomorrow.

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