Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bento (165) - Alien Sheep-Cakes


I didn't even intend to make a bento this morning.  Then I realized I had brown rice . . . and two quail eggs . . . and ten minutes . . . and I thought to myself I can do this in ten minutes!  I'll be honest -- it took fifteen.  :P But if you're wondering why the horns are a little sloppy and there are no mouths on my fluffy brown rice sheep . . . now you know the sad sad truth.  The sheep-cakes are brown rice with a quail egg pressed in the center.  (I soak the quail eggs in soy sauce to make them brown.)  The horns are cheese (hand carved in a hurry) and the eyes are punches of nori.  Yes, I do have the little smiley face hole punchers.  :P  In retrospect, I probably should have gone with simple circles to keep them from looking like little aliens, but what the hey!  Upper right is a Del Monte fruit cup deposited directly from the can into my bento.  The pink is a mini-cupcake holder with an umiboshi (pickled plum) in the center.  Bottom right is the last of the leftover sweet simmered mushrooms topped with carrot stars.  I ended up using the mushrooms to flavor the brown rice . . . so it turns out I didn't even need the piggie holder filled with soy sauce. 

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