Friday, July 18, 2014

Bento (168) - Lemon Pepper Tilapia and Noodles 'Cause . . . Leftovers

Sooooo. . . . since I've determined to stop whining about my cruddy week -- I was gored by a hippopotamus, and I'm very very very sorry this post is late :)

Goose had ham sandwich bento (yes, it has become a staple) with strawberry/grape salad, cooked carrots, and a mini-cupcake holder of mini-mochi.  YUM!  He actually ate the ENTIRE THING!!!  (Except the sushi grass . . . because that's not edible.)  O.O

J. and I had variations on the same theme . . . except instead of "ham sandwich" we had lemon-pepper tilapia leftovers over noodles.  I should have stuffed a lettuce leaf or some cilantro between the fish and noodles to add some greenery . . . but I am still clinging to this silly idea that getting to work on time is a good idea . . . :P

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