Friday, July 4, 2014

Bento (166) - Imitation Crab and Avocado Bento

Friday's bento was imitation crab and avocado chunks lightly tossed in lemon juice.  Goose even ate his avocado.  O.O  Since Goose is normally not fond of green things, I included a helping of brown rice to make sure he would have a little extra variety.  Upper right is miniature mochi-bits (I'm pretty sure all the white dusting is solid preservatives :P) with a soy-soaked quail egg to add extra protein.  Bottom right is pickled garlic and and a whole sweet pepper.

I only had one extra quail egg, so I left it out of my bento.  For J.'s bento and my bento, I added a split boiled chicken egg (also soaked in soy sauce!) and added leftover fajita vegetables to help hold the egg in place.  Bizarre bento tips for folks . . . the more you chop something up into smaller bits, the easier it is to stuff in small spaces and arrange.  I actually had quite a bit of difficulty attractively arranging the pickled garlic since the pepper is a firm item and doesn't exactly . . . . squish.  :P


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