Monday, June 30, 2014

Bento (164) - Three-Topping Onigiri Bento

Today's bento was onigiri with three different toppings: sweet simmered mushroom, salted cucumber, and shrimp stolen from a pre-made cocktail platter (MU HA HA!).  The shrimp onigiri almost looked like little hearts . . . though the flavor was a bit bland.  I will probably add a drop or two of cocktail sauce in the center next time.  The cucumber onigiri was a pleasant surprise.  Salty and vinegary, crisp and refreshing.  Highly recommended.   Bottom level was a mandarin orange/dried cherry salad, and a soy bunny on edamame.  (Soy bunny is a quail egg soaked in soy sauce and topped with cheese ears and sesame seed eyes).

Since Goose has been showing an aversion to green things, I left the cucumber onigiri out of his bento.  Oddly enough, today he ate the onigiri and the mushrooms, but left the fruit, carrot stars, and edamame.  O.o  I have an odd kid.

My bento was the same as J's, but I tore up a shiso leaf (a Japanese strain of mint) to use as a separator.  I'm not sure whether it significantly added to the overall cuteness, but when one of my rice balls crumbled, it made a handy wrapper for the excess rice.  :)

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