Monday, June 23, 2014

Bento (161) Sweet Simmered Mushroom Rice Balls

One week into bento revival and I've already fallen behind on posting.  :P  Friday's bento was largely a compilation of leftovers.  The rice balls are "shiny" because I was experimenting with using saran wrap to help shape the rice balls and hold on toppings.  The left is sushi rice topped with a sweet simmered mushroom cap, the right (with the little animal face) is rice stuffed with leftover soboro.  Middle is grapes cut in half and bottom is a lovely salad J. makes that uses peppers, celery, and cucumbers instead of lettuce.  The sauce holder has Italian dressing. 

On reflection, I realized this bento didn't have much protein.  I didn't find myself getting hungry mid-afternoon, but I probably should have filled the grape-cup with scrambled eggs (which would have added some great color) - and then squished grapes in the empty spaces around the rice balls.  Ah well.  Live and learn.  J's bento was slightly different with a pepper and blueberries instead of grapes.

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