Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bento (159) - Ham & Swiss Sandwich Bento

Wow.  It's been three whole years of watching my culinary skills turn to dust in a corner--years spent avoiding the reproachful stares of my bunny-covered bento boxes and cringing every time I accidentally came across a plastic fish-shaped sauce-holder.  The time has come.  This summer, Goose is enrolled in a a summer camp that doesn't provide meals--which means I'm blowing the dust out of the cupboard, washing my silicone cupcake holders, and trying to find where in the world I left my artificial sushi grass.  In short . . . Hi!  I have new pictures of adorable lunches.  :)

This bento box has always been one of my favorites (and surprisingly, is one of the first I ever purchased off of Amazon).  The three cup organization makes food separation simple.  Today's lunch was half a ham & swiss sandwich cut into thirds and separated by sushi grass.  The upper right corner is a miniature bell pepper and pickled garlic.  The bottom right is blueberries with an elephant pick.  Not only was this a quick 10 minute bento--it's even cute with the lid on!

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