Monday, February 1, 2010

Bento (60) - Blackberries and Vinegar

Okay - not really. But I did have a bento disaster today, when one of my blackberries plunged off my fork and landed dead-center in my triangle sauce holder - filled with walnut/basalmic vinegar salad dressing. That was an interesting flavor combination - boy howdy.

I think the kung pao chicken in the bottom tier needed a food pick for added cuteness, but other than that, I was very pleased with this bento. The top level is blackberry/swiss cheese flowers and a salad which consisted of a green lettuce divider, three tomatos, and carrot sticks. I'm still working out the best way to cut carrot sticks. The green triangle held the above-mentioned salad dressing. And just in case you were ever curious - it would hold one blackberry quite neatly.

T.'s bento was almost identical . . . minus the tomatos, since T. HATES tomatos. I couldn't even "contaminate" his top level with a whole tomato for color. :P :P :P

When I picked him up from school, Goose informed me he ate the chicken and the blackberries. But not the carrots. Because he HATES carrots. I said "That's why mommy gave you ranch to dip the carrots in." To which he replied "I didn't want the carrots OR THE RANCH!" Well then. Silly mommy.


  1. Super yum bento! Sorry your blackberry fell into the vinegar im sure that was interesting :P

  2. I'll have to remember no carrots for him! ;-)

  3. Lunches look delicious!! Sad for the blackberry that fell :( I bet that was a flavor you could live without!