Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bento (65) - Fun with Fishcake 2

Naruto was actually a pretty big hit with the boys . . . so I decided to try a fried noodle bento with naruto toppers. And jalapeno poppers . . . because they're yummy! (Though now there is a good argument that my bento is no longer healthy once I fill it with fried cream cheese balls. LOL!).

The red sauce container has soumen sauce for the noodles . . . I realized too late that I didn't have any udon sauce! (I have rectified that error by making a trip to the Pacific Mercantile today). The fried udon noodles have onion and carrot stir-fried in, and a little soumen sauce cooked in as well. The green fruit is kiwi. Overall - a simple, but delicious bento!

I wasn't going to make Goose a bento, but when he saw me loading in the noodles, he started dancing around the kitchen and asking if he could have some too. How could I say no? So I frantically washed his bento box . . . which had been . . . er . . . soaking in the sink - and threw in an egg for some extra protein.

I also took a picture with the lid on just for fun . . . and then when I placed it in Goose's insulated lunch box, I realized I had packed T.'s bento for Goose . . . and Goose's *smaller* box was sitting, nice and clean, on the shelf. So my little man had an adult-sized meal today! LOL!

And I've discovered that I LOVE udon noodles. I have to be careful when I'm ordering out because one of the commonly used spices (I think dashi/fish spice) violently disagrees with my system . . . and most of the time, udon dishes seem to have dashi . . . . so this was my first experience with eating a reasonable quantity of udon.


  1. I love the leaflet tight box! I'm desperately trying to find a supplier for one of these who will ship to UK without charging an arm and a leg! Last supplier I found wanted to charge me about $31 to ship the box and it only costs $10!!

  2. Udon broth is usually a dashi base. Same for Miso soup. Remind me about the dashi the next time I make Udon.... I don't want you getting sick.

  3. Well spicy foods aid digestion or something like that so I say jalepeno poppers count as healthy food ;)

    Looks very yumm!