Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bento (61) - Peanut Butter and Jelly Bits

Today Goose got an all-American bento - PB&J, Cheetos, and blackberries/grapes (okay - maybe it's un-American to send your kid to school with actual fruit . . . it should have been some sort of processed fruit roll-up or something.) This bento was much more popular than carrot sticks. Imagine that :P :P :P.

And yesterday I did a standard 5-minute blue kitty bento (which I should stop posting, because they all look the same - but they're so darn cute!). And I nearly lost a kitty down the garbage disposal at work. There are very few things that I am willing to stick my hand down a garbage disposal for . . . .blue kitties qualify! And I was lucky - he hadn't made it down the drain, so now he is safe and sound at home.


  1. It is sad if sending your kids fruit is un-American :( The state of school lunches is so sad! But this looks delicious! I love pb&j :D

    And the kitty lunch is adorable too!

  2. the blue kitties are adorable! so glad you saved him!

  3. Goose's school lunches horrify me. Literally, the week looks like: Pizza, fried chicken, quesadillas, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, bean burrito with cheese. In short: cheese, chicken, cheese, cheese, chicken, cheese. >.< Which is fine every once in a while - but every day?!! Really?!!!