Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bento (54) - BBQ Chicken Pockets

Today's bentos were supposed to be pocket sandwiches - but due to a shortage of usable french bread (isn't it amazing how fast bread matures into crouton-material?) - T. got pocket sandwiches, Goose got open-face sandwiches, and I got the "naked" version! LOL!

Top tray is avacado coated in lemon juice and topped with cheddar jack stars, a commercial jelly, and blueberry/mandarin oranges salad. Bottom level was BBQ potato chips and the sandwich. Fluffy green is kale. Lighter green is butter lettuce.

And the bread gets smaller:

And disappears! LOL!

A frantic search of the fridge revealed kiwis (I had kiwis? When in the heck did I buy those?!) . . . and . . . of course . . . the dreaded pint of cottage cheese, which I made more appetizing by sticking a cheddar jack star on top. All in all . . . this bento actually ended up being VERY tasty.


  1. How do you keep your chips from going soggy? My boy always complains and I have to pack them seperate. Very yummy/pretty bentos!

  2. LOL! I've never packed chips for Goose before - and I remember thinking "Wow, I hope the chips don't get soggy" before I closed the lid. I think the key to keeping them crisp would be to make sure there is NOTHING a different temperature in the bento (so no precipitation) and that all the other items are as dry as possible. I rinsed the blueberries before I threw them in, so the bottoms of Goose's chips may have been soggy - but he didn't complain, so I honestly don't know!