Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bento (53) - Fun with Tupperware

More proof that you don't need a bento box to make a cute bento.

The white stuff is cottage cheese topped with blueberries . . . I misread a recipe that called for CREAM cheese - and now I have a whole pint of cottage cheese to dispose of. Hopefully Goose will like it so I don't have to consume the whole thing myself. Or maybe I should make lasagna . . . hmmmmmmm. At any rate - to the right is crock-pot BBQ chicken (place chicken breasts in crockpot - pour BBQ sauce and a cup or two of water in - cook for 8-12 hours) - YUMMY! I put fresh BBQ in the kiwi holder for dipping purposes. The left is avacado topped with the rest of the Korean BBQ roll steak, and the middle was filled with peas and corn for my veggie quota. I took this picture right before I ate it at work - and the veggies had time to defrost >.< I know my veggies usually look a little less than vibrant since they're still frozen solid when I take my pictures in the morning! Front is wild rice (NOT BURNED - I swear!)

T. had a very similar bento, thrown together much more hastily.

I topped his BBQ chicken with some fresh BBQ sauce instead of putting it in the container and gave him the rest of the pineapple/apple salad (versus the cottage cheese in mine). His orange puppy food picks didn't contrast as sharply as I wanted - but the green giraffes were a bit too awkward! Note the frozen veggies, still nested in their ice crystals :P With a little more time, I think I would have taken out one of the puppies and stuck a pink bear pick in his pineapple salad - and then made a pea/corn flower on top of the BBQ blob. But since I didn't have time - I'll just have to imagine it that way . . . or learn to use Photoshop :P :P :P

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