Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bento (55) - Gyoza Bunny!

After a week of vacation and another week of rather intimidating weather (a high of 7!?) I was finally able to make it to Pacific Mercantile and restock my quail egg supply. Hooray for soy bunnies! One mouthful of nommy goodness reminded me why these are my favorite bento treat! As usual, T.'s bento was made post haste - so no soy bunny for him! Instead, we have a bed of edamame, mandarin/blueberry salad (the age of the blueberries was questionable - and then I decided not to question it as long as no one was white and fuzzy). In the bottom layer is rice, gyoza, and a container with dumpling sauce.

And in the new orange bunny box *cough cough* yes - I said NEW (it was the last litte bunny box there on the shelf . . . no one else was buying it - so I had too! HAD TOO!) my bento - complete with soy bunny, cherry tomato, and kale accents. It just goes to show how much of a difference an extra few minutes spent playing with accents can make!

Goose had a chicken nugget bento instead of gyoza. He likes gyoza - but I wasn't sure how he felt about cold gyoza. He did do a happy dance at the return of the soy bunny (that's my boy!) - proving that we are, in fact, related.

I was also adventurous at dinner and made my first ever batch of tofu chowder. It turned out surprisingly well - and Goose ate a good portion of it - tofu and all!! I did have to temporarily retreat when I overheated the oil and added a tablespoon of rice wine - and the "sizzle" was more aptly described as firework explosios of hot oil and rice wine! HAH! Luckily I had already prepared the next step (4 cups of chicken broth), and was able to make a duck and run pour into the stockpot withou suffering any undue scarring.

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