Friday, January 1, 2010

Bento (50) - Korean BBQ Lettuce Wraps

The Korean BBQ lettuce wraps were met with mixed results. The first batch for T.'s lunch went well, but when I tried to make the second batch, the juices from the first had scorched into a thin coating of charcoal on the pan. Being in a hurry (I know - I know - my bento-conscience should have been saying ::warning - warning - a bento violation is imminent. Possible destruction of nommy goodness is approaching::). Despite it all - I put the second batch of steak in the same pan -and the juices immediately liquified the charcoal layer - so mybatch was coated in sludge and had a distinct charcoal-grilled flavor (some people LOVE this flavor - I despise it).

However, the butter lettuce/meat combo was delicious - and I will definitely try this recipe again! The rice was leftover Uncle Ben's wild rice (no, I didn't burn the rice too :P :P :P) and the dish to the lower right was filled with pineapple/apple salad mixed with yogurt and cream cheese. Upper right is an egg fishie swimming through a field of green-beans . . . the angled beans almost give it motion, don't they? I may have to play with that down the road!

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