Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bento (49) - Sams Sandwich Wheels

Once again, I would love to take credit for the beautiful sandwich rolls, but they come from Sams Club. However, I will take full credit for the lovely corn/pea pathway and pineapple/blueberry salad. The pink bunny is, as usual, filled with dumplig sauce (restocked! YAY!). I also used the premium rice that I received as a gift - but since I didn't make my own bento, I still don't know how it tastes!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to try a new item from Kawaii Bento Boxes (korean barbeque lettuce rolls - YUM!) but we'll have to see if I can drag myself up in the morning - as I'm currently on vacation and the temptation to sleep in is . . . tempting. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

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