Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bento (47) - PB&J Monster

LOL! In the non-cute but sort of horrifying category . . . more cold PB&J! Don't ask. It started as an artistic arrangement - then I thought it might look better if I added eyes - and then it was too late to redo anything and I had to take Goose to school. PB&J Monster!

I used corn and strawberries as space fillers. The eyes are grape slices, and the white is leftover pepperjack cheese bits. The upper right is a handful of chedder and pretzel goldfish crackers (which Goose claims he likes but has never touched :P :P :P). Bottom right is strawberries and a grape.

My lunch was a chicken/avacado salad, strawberry/grape salad sprinkled with chedderjack cheese, accompanied by corn, a chicken leg, and mashed potatoes and gravy (the penguin is filled with extra gravy since I like . . . well . . . gravy.

T. had a similar bento with chicken/avacado salad and a small section of strawberry and chedderjack cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy topped with corn, and strawberry/grape salad with corn sprinkles for color. Oddly enough, T. forgot his bento . . . twice. Then I found it in the fridge and took it to work today (I ate the penguin bento yesterday). A co-worker asked if I would like to join her for lunch (prime rib at the Broker . . how could I turn that down?) - so I gifted my bento to another co-worker. For the first time in 14 years, the Broker ran out of prime rib (how's that for bento-karma?! :P :P :P I deserted my bento, so it wreaked food-havoc revenge!!!). However, the co-worker who got my bento became a bento convert (and may even get her own box for Christmas!) - so how's that for a happy ending?!

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  1. I love the PB&J monster! Bummer on the prime rib...